1.Mose 24:28
Und die Dirne lief und sagte solches alles an in ihrer Mutter Hause.
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1.Mose 24:48,55,67
und neigte mich und betete den HERRN an und lobte den HERRN, den Gott meines Herrn Abraham, der mich den rechten Weg geführt hat, daß ich seinem Sohn die Tochter nehme des Bruders meines Herrn.…

1.Mose 31:33
Da ging Laban in die Hütten Jakobs und Leas und der beiden Mägde, und fand nichts; und ging aus der Hütte Leas in die Hütte Rahels.

her mother's.

50,) was a younger brother. This is possible; but as Dr. A. Clarke remarks, the mother's house might be mentioned were even the father alive; for in Asiatic countries, the women have apartments entirely separate from those of the men, in which their little children and grown-up daughters reside with them. This was probably the case here; though, from the whole narrative, it is very probable that Bethuel was dead, as the whole business appears to be conducted by Rebekah's brothers.

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