4944. sunódinó
Strong's Concordance
sunódinó: to be in travail together
Original Word: συνωδίνω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: sunódinó
Phonetic Spelling: (soon-o-dee'-no)
Short Definition: I am in travail together
Definition: I am in travail together.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4944: συνωδίνω


a. properly, to feel the pains of travail with, be in travail together: οἶδε ἐπί τῶν ζοωον τάς ὠδῖνας σύνοικος καί συνωδίνει γέ τά πολλά ὥσπερ καί ἀλεκτρυονες, Porphyry, de abstin. 3, 10; (cf. Aristotle, eth. Eud. 7, 6, p. 1240a, 36).

b. metaphorically, to undergo agony (like a woman in childbirth) along with: Romans 8:22 (where σύν refers to the several parts of which κτίσις consists, cf. Meyer at the passage); κακοῖς, Euripides, Hel. 727.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
suffer together

From sun and odino; to have (parturition) pangs in company (concert, simultaneously) with, i.e. (figuratively) to sympathize (in expectation of relief from suffering) -- travail in pain together.

see GREEK sun

see GREEK odino

Forms and Transliterations
συνωδινει συνωδίνει sunodinei sunōdinei synodinei synodínei synōdinei synōdínei
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 4944
1 Occurrence

συνωδίνει — 1 Occ.

Romans 8:22 V-PIA-3S
GRK: συστενάζει καὶ συνωδίνει ἄχρι τοῦ
NAS: groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together
KJV: and travaileth in pain together until
INT: groans together and travails together until

1 Occurrence

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