Kadesh and surrounding region

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2 Samuel 24:6 then they came to Gilead, and to the land of Tahtim Hodshi; and they came to Dan Jaan, and around to Sidon,

o-ron'-tez (in Massoretic Text of 2 Samuel 24:6, under the corrupt form tachtim chodhshi, which should be corrected from the Septuagint (Luc.) reading: eis ten genitive Chettieim Kades, "to the land of the Hittites unto Kadesh," into 'erets ha-chittim qadheshah. Ewald and others, fixing the northern ideal boundary of Israel at the sources of the Jordan, would read "Hermon" for chodhshi, but the conjectures of Thenius and Hitzig of a reference to the northern Kadesh are fully confirmed by the reading given): Kadesh was the southern capital of the Hittites, and was situated on the upper waters of the Orontes, 80 miles North of Damascus. It is now represented by a large mound 5 miles South of what, till the Middle Ages, was called the Lake of Kades, but now the Lake of Homs. Here Thothmes III of Egypt (flourished circa 1650 B.C.), after the battle of Megiddo, met and received hostages from the Assyrians, and here too Rameses II defeated Hatesar, king of the Hittites (circa 1320 B.C.), and concluded with him a treaty, which was formally inscribed on a disk of silver. The incidents of the battle are depicted on the walls of the Ramesseum, and an Egyptian epic records the heroic deeds of Rameses. Under the name Kadytis, it is mentioned as being taken by Pharaoh-necoh (Herodotus ii.159) in 609 B.C. In the only Bible reference (2 Samuel 24:6), it is named as the northern limit of the census made by David.

W. M. Christie

KA'DESH, also called Kadesh-barnea, identified with Ain Gadis about 40 ms. s. of Beer'sheba, discovered by Rylands, 1842, visited by Dr. Trumbull and fully described by him in his work "Kadesh-barnea," as an extensive hill-encircled region, large enough for the camping ground of a host, it has many'springs.
Strong's Hebrew
H6946: Qadesh

"sacred," a place in the desert

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