2230. zerem
Strong's Concordance
zerem: a flood of rain, rainstorm, downpour
Original Word: זָ֫רֶם
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: zerem
Phonetic Spelling: (zeh'-rem)
Short Definition: storm
זֶ֫רֶם noun masculineHabakkuk 3:10 flood of rain, rain-storm, downpour (Aramaic זַרְמִית id.) — absolute ׳ז Isaiah 4:6 2t.; זָ֑רֶם Isaiah 32:2; construct זֶרֶם Job 24:8 4t.; Isaiah 4:6 ("" מָטָר)); מַיִם ׳ז Isaiah 28:2; Habakkuk 3:10; הָרִים ׳ז Job 24:8, i.e. such as falls among mountains compare Di; בָּרָד ׳ז Isaiah 28:2; מַחְסֶה מִזֶּרֶם Isaiah 25:4, זֶרֶם קִיר Isaiah 25:4 i.e. such as dashes against a wall, Isaiah 32:2 ("" רוּחַ), נֶפֶץ וָזֶרֶם וְאֶבֶן בָּרָד Isaiah 30:30.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
flood, overflowing, shower, storm, tempest

From zaram; a gush of water -- flood, overflowing, shower, storm, tempest.

see HEBREW zaram

Forms and Transliterations
וָזֶ֖רֶם וזרם זֶ֥רֶם זָ֑רֶם זרם כְּ֠זֶרֶם כְּזֶ֥רֶם כזרם מִזֶּ֖רֶם מִזֶּ֙רֶם֙ מִזֶּ֣רֶם מזרם kə·ze·rem keZerem kəzerem miz·ze·rem mizzerem vaZerem wā·ze·rem wāzerem zā·rem Zarem zārem ze·rem zerem
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 2230
9 Occurrences

kə·ze·rem — 3 Occ.
miz·ze·rem — 3 Occ.
wā·ze·rem — 1 Occ.
zā·rem — 1 Occ.
ze·rem — 1 Occ.

Job 24:8
HEB: מִזֶּ֣רֶם הָרִ֣ים יִרְטָ֑בוּ
NAS: with the mountain rains And hug
KJV: They are wet with the showers of the mountains,
INT: rains the mountain are wet

Isaiah 4:6
HEB: וּלְמַחְסֶה֙ וּלְמִסְתּ֔וֹר מִזֶּ֖רֶם וּמִמָּטָֽר׃ פ
NAS: and protection from the storm and the rain.
KJV: and for a covert from storm and from rain.
INT: and refuge and protection the storm and the rain

Isaiah 25:4
HEB: ל֑וֹ מַחְסֶ֤ה מִזֶּ֙רֶם֙ צֵ֣ל מֵחֹ֔רֶב
NAS: A refuge from the storm, a shade
KJV: a refuge from the storm, a shadow
INT: his distress A refuge the storm A shade the heat

Isaiah 25:4
HEB: ר֥וּחַ עָרִיצִ֖ים כְּזֶ֥רֶם קִֽיר׃
NAS: of the ruthless Is like a [rain] storm [against] a wall.
KJV: of the terrible ones [is] as a storm [against] the wall.
INT: the breath of the ruthless A storm a wall

Isaiah 28:2
HEB: וְאַמִּץ֙ לַֽאדֹנָ֔י כְּזֶ֥רֶם בָּרָ֖ד שַׂ֣עַר
NAS: and mighty [agent]; As a storm of hail,
KJV: and strong one, [which] as a tempest of hail
INT: and mighty the Lord A storm of hail A tempest

Isaiah 28:2
HEB: שַׂ֣עַר קָ֑טֶב כְּ֠זֶרֶם מַ֣יִם כַּבִּירִ֥ים
NAS: of destruction, Like a storm of mighty
KJV: storm, as a flood of mighty
INT: A tempest of destruction A storm waters of mighty

Isaiah 30:30
HEB: אוֹכֵלָ֑ה נֶ֥פֶץ וָזֶ֖רֶם וְאֶ֥בֶן בָּרָֽד׃
NAS: In cloudburst, downpour and hailstones.
KJV: [with] scattering, and tempest, and hailstones.
INT: of a consuming cloudburst downpour stones hail

Isaiah 32:2
HEB: ר֖וּחַ וְסֵ֣תֶר זָ֑רֶם כְּפַלְגֵי־ מַ֣יִם
NAS: And a shelter from the storm, Like streams
KJV: and a covert from the tempest; as rivers
INT: the wind shelter the storm streams of water

Habakkuk 3:10
HEB: יָחִ֙ילוּ֙ הָרִ֔ים זֶ֥רֶם מַ֖יִם עָבָ֑ר
NAS: You [and] quaked; The downpour of waters
KJV: thee, [and] they trembled: the overflowing of the water
INT: You quaked the mountains the downpour of waters swept

9 Occurrences

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