1281. bariach
Strong's Concordance
bariach: fleeing
Original Word: בָּרִ֫יחַ
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: bariach
Phonetic Spelling: (baw-ree'-akh)
Short Definition: fleeing
I. [בָּרִיחַ] adjective fleeing ( = בַּרִּיחַ ֗֗֗ ) נָחָשׁ בִָּ˜רחַ׃ Job 26:13 of eclipse-dragon, לִוְיָתָן נָחָשׁ בָרִחַ Isaiah 27:1 (probably figurative of Assyrians); as substantive בָּרִיחִים Isaiah 43:14 as fugitives (for other views compare Comm.); so probably also Isaiah 15:5 בריחיה, see בְּרִיחַ.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
crooked, noble, piercing

Or (shortened) bariach {baw-ree'-akh}; from barach; a fugitive, i.e. The serpent (as fleeing), and the constellation by that name -- crooked, noble, piercing.

see HEBREW barach

Forms and Transliterations
בָּרִ֔חַ בָּרִֽיחַ׃ בָֽרִיחִים֙ ברח בריח׃ בריחים bā·ri·aḥ bā·rî·aḥ ḇā·rî·ḥîm baRiach bāriaḥ bārîaḥ ḇārîḥîm variChim
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 1281
3 Occurrences

bā·rî·aḥ — 2 Occ.
ḇā·rî·ḥîm — 1 Occ.

Job 26:13
HEB: יָ֝ד֗וֹ נָחָ֥שׁ בָּרִֽיחַ׃
NAS: has pierced the fleeing serpent.
KJV: hath formed the crooked serpent.
INT: his hand serpent the fleeing

Isaiah 27:1
HEB: לִוְיָתָן֙ נָחָ֣שׁ בָּרִ֔חַ וְעַל֙ לִוְיָתָ֔ן
NAS: Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
KJV: leviathan the piercing serpent,
INT: Leviathan serpent the fleeing Even Leviathan

Isaiah 43:14
HEB: בָבֶ֗לָה וְהוֹרַדְתִּ֤י בָֽרִיחִים֙ כֻּלָּ֔ם וְכַשְׂדִּ֖ים
NAS: down as fugitives, Even the Chaldeans,
KJV: and have brought down all their nobles, and the Chaldeans,
INT: to Babylon and will bring fugitives all the Chaldeans

3 Occurrences

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